Initiating the project with brainstorming concerning who a hypothetical Miss Emm could be saw the development of a character who was adventurous, mysterious and reclusive outside of a digital environment. With the product being engrained in traditional practices the concept of modern alchemy was used as a base to explore how authenticity can be presented in primarily digital format. The traditional photographic medium of cyanotype has historically been utilised to document botanical elements and it’s vibrant blue appearance made it an effective choice as a motif that would stand apart from existing competitors in the market. The individual soaps encompass a mixing of disparate ingredients which was visually conveyed through layers of opaque and transparent tissue papers to create an experience for the consumer as they open and discover the product.


  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Screenprinting
MissEmm packaging
MissEmm Portrait
MissEmm responsive website
MissEmm packaging