The concept of connections being formed within a traditional Turkish coffee house serve as a basis for the clean and contemporary KAHVESI identity. This is embodied by the logotype with subtle references to Turkish architecture being balanced by sleek lines and ligatures that pay tribute to Arabic calligraphy. Minimalism is juxtaposed by the patterns of vintage marbled paper. The blues and stark whites providing a clean backdrop to emphasise the warm, rich tones of coffee. High-key photographic imagery cements KAHVESI'S departure from the stereotypical Turkish establishment; the subtle textures and tonal variations of the foods appealing to the high-income target demographic through it’s association with modern fine-dining.


  • Identity Design
  • Photographic Shooting and Editing
  • Web Design
  • Coding Responsive Web Designs
Kahvesi moodboard
Mockup of responsive Kahvesi website