The sin of lust and it’s accompanying story of a murdered prostitute is visualised through a dynamic scene that embodies both editorial elegance and the unnerving grunginess of horror movies. The high-key bathroom scene juxtaposes the stereotypical view of a sex-worker as unclean and introduces themes of redemption and cleansing to reflect the Seven Sins’ traditional association with religion. The use of blood splatters to contain photographic imagery creates energy in an otherwise still scene and suggests the frantic movement of the murderer. For the series logotype the concept of labelling is utilised to reflect the notion that all the murderer’s victims are terminally labelled with a sin despite any redeeming behaviour. The grainy smear complements the use of vintage embossing tape to create an identity that is creepy, mysterious and unnerving.


  • Identity Design
  • Art Direction
  • Photographic Editing
  • Web Design
  • Digital Layout Design
  • Interactive Design
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